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We specializes in IT infrastructure by focusing on procurement, set up, integration, and management of office networks and internet applications for Dental and Medical Offices.


At the same time, we specialized in Business Consulting, Financial Consulting, and Management Consulting to provide you with Strategic and Operational Plans to minimize cost yet making sure that your business is as efficient as possible.


We strive to deliver the highest quality IT network and infrastructure consulting by continually adapting to changing technology requirements.  We are also committed to providing sensible network infrastructure consulting and build stable and powerful platforms for the future.


We specialized in Dentrix, CS Softdent, Eaglesoft, CS Practice Works, PBS Endo, Dolphin Management and Imaging, Dexis, Sirona, CDR Dicom, CS OthroTrac, Kodak Imaging, and many more, including additional Imaging and Inter-Oral software and hardware.

Our Services


Business Analysis and Assessment


We will analyze and assess your business and provide you with the best plans for a successful and profitable venture.

System Analysis and Evaluation

We will perform an overall system analysis and evaluation on your computing environment.  This is an important step to any impending work to be done or ongoing support to be provided. To perform a system analysis, an Consultant with Business, Financial, and Business Experience will visit your site and provide a detailed report of findings.  If requested a recommendation summary will include:


We will keep in mind your budgetary constraints yet with the most cost-effective and optimal operation.


Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

We will attend to the computer-related needs and concerns of your employees, solving printing problems, business applications issues and other frustrating challenges that come up.  You can expect scheduled visits from an expert technology consultant. With each visit an extensive list of tasks are performed and systems are monitored, including, but not limited to:


  • Server logs
  • Error logs
  • Firewall logs
  • System events
  • Connectivity failures
  • Backup systems
  • Printer systems
  • Drive performance and mapping
  • Internet/Intranet performance
  • Remote access/synchronization
  • Email administration
  • Public/shared folders
  • Hub/switch/router traffic
  • Cable and power supply
  • DSL/T1 connection
  • Disk Storage capacity
  • Software application revisions
  • Virus protection



Internet Services

Internet Access - We can recommend to your business reliable high-speed access to the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We can help you procure and manage Unverse, Broadband, DSL or T1 connections.  Let us find the most cost-effective internet solution for your organization.


Email - We can deliver to you a reliable and scalable e-mail platform with a secure infrastructure that is easy to manage.


Website Design - We can set up your Internet, Intranet, FTP Access, and we can have your your website designed . We will show you how to maintain your own website or we can maintain it for you.



Managed Network

Using the latest technologies from companies such as Intel®, AMD®, Microsoft®, Asus®, Cisco, Netgear, and many others, we will interconnect your office PCs, printers, and servers for application, file, printer, internet, email, and web sharing services. Scalable solutions offer affordable long-term reliability whether your company is growing now or in the future.

Remote Access - We can provide customized VPN and other solutions to fit your needs and budget. Allow remote users at home or away from the office to securely access your network 24 hours a day.


Network Security - We can help you safeguard your data with firewall solutions and develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.  Don't compromise your data, prevent hackers and intruders from breaking into your network today.


Standardized Desktop Operating System & Software

We can provide a detailed documentation of all your desktops and software, allowing you to better inventory and plan for upgrades to all your systems. We will keep you up-to-date on all the latest technology and provide you with sensible solutions.


We offer support for a wide range of operating systems and office software. Whether you are using Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. We can help you manage the maintenance, updates, and backups of all your systems.  We can streamline your desktop configurations throughout your organization.


Hardware Procurement

Designed to enhance your productivity and provide supplemental resources, our consulting services can help you optimize usage of your current hardware.  And if needed, we can bring valuable assistance and expertise in evaluating new hardware.  We work with industry leading companies to help procure the right hardware for your business. 



Other Services 


Server/Workstation Design/Configuration

Disaster Recovery Plan

LAN/WAN Connectivity

Backup Solutions

File/Print Sharing

Network Security

Internet Connectivity


Remote Office Connectivity

Email Server Configuration

Remote Access Solutions

Web Server Configuration

VPN Solutions

FTP Server Configuration

System Migration/Upgrade